Nathan Higgs is a veteran in the construction field. For almost a decade, he’s been a top production manager. He’s also built and sold three profitable roofing companies. Through Higgs Professional Consulting, Nathan helps others in the field dial in their operations and production work flows.

One of the most important tools in his toolkit is RoofScope and ProDocs, an end-to-end solution that saves Nathan about 32 hours a month -- that’s nearly a full work week!

"I used to use a competitor for my aerial takeoff reports. Then had to do the estimates, work orders, and invoices on my own. Some mistakes were unavoidable, which meant that I had to spend too much time going over them to make sure they were as accurate as possible so I could order the appropriate amount of materials," says Nathan Higgs, Owner of Western Skies Exteriors and Higgs Professional Consulting. "RoofScope and ProDocs provide the best end-to-end solution for taking an address and getting an estimate and work order quickly and accurately.”

What would you do with an extra 32 hours a month?
Win more business?
Spend time with friends and family?
Take up golf?
Expand your business to new neighborhoods… or even states?

Click the case study below and learn how you can leverage these tools and grow your business, too!

About Scope Technologies

Focused on perpetually streamlining the measuring and estimating process, Scope Technologies delivers a comprehensive suite of measurement reports and project management tools for the contractor, architect, engineer, and insurance adjuster. Scope Technologies' aerial imagery and proprietary software delivers accurate, cost-effective aerial measurement reports that compile essential measurements and images into a 2-page report. Along with its flagship brand, RoofScope®, Scope Technologies provides takeoff reports for Gutters, Siding, Paint, Insulation, and Concrete, and material reports using Blueprints.